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Azure Operated by 21Vianet

Azure Monetary Credit

Only Standard Pay-In-Advance Offer is eligible for Azure Monetary Credit by adding usage credit to customer existing subscriptions for free. Azure Monetary credit is a kind of price discount which do not need customer make additional charge.

The pricing rate, cancelation policy, usage quotas for Monetary credit is the same as Standard Pay-In-Advance Offer.

Customer can use them on the Azure services under your subscription. We do not support withdrawal or transfer.

Azure monetary credits are valid for 12 months. Upon using all Azure Credits in your account, your subscription will be suspended and Customer Data will be permanently deleted after 90 days.

How to get the Credit

  1. From Marketing Promotion, applicable to customers who participate in marketing promotion activities.

  2. From Customer Care, applicable to existing customers who participate our interviews, research and other activities - in order to understand the needs of customers as well as improve our services.

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